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What is it that makes an excellent leader or manager?… Skills?… Likeability?… Experience? 

When you’re in charge of leading a team, you have to have both the self-awareness and humility to acknowledge both your strengths as well as your growth opportunities.  However, because of your role you likely receive less feedback than most – fewer accolades, as well as fewer course corrections and suggestions.  So take 5 minutes right now and assess your leadership acumen.

The next step is simply to notice.  Of the areas listed, where do you feel confident and why, and where do you feel less equipped and could you use some tangible tools?  And as someone committed to continuous improvement, determine 1-3 consistent action items you could take over the next three months to improve your acumen in the area you think would have the most impact on the success of your team.  You may want to seek the guidance of a colleague, a trusted advisor or someone whom you admire in this area.

For a comprehensive growth opportunity towards become a fully equipped leader or manager, check out our upcoming Character & Competency Leadership Development and Management Training programs. Registration closes for both on June 30th.

PS – If you are the head of your organization, or if you participate on a Leadership or Management Team, you may want to also consider assessing the leadership acumen of your entire executive/leadership/management team.

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