Take 3 seconds and plug these 3 numbers into our new “Ballpark Calculator” – https://choosepeople.com/roi-of-a-happy-company/

1 – Number of Employees
2 – Average Salary amount per employee
3 – On a scale of 1-10, how happy* do you think your employees are?

You will discover a ballpark estimate of:

  • How much your happy employees contribute
  • How much your unhappy employees cost
  • The overall financial impact of your culture to your bottom line
  • And how much more you could be adding to the bottom line if your “average” employees were happy

*Happy is defined by the response to “Do you feel good about coming to work?” Another way to think about measuring happiness is measuring the overall emotional health of your organization. And I understand you may have some outliers – lovers and haters, and occasionally it may depend on the day, but overall what is your take? And know that if you’re in a position of leadership you will likely answer this question one to two points above your team.

For more info on this exercise (the results may surprise you!) – check out Culture Works. Also available on Amazon.