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Take an empty office or a room crammed with useless storage stuff and transform it into a “Zen Den.”

This is a room dedicated to quiet and rejuvenation – it’s a place within the office to “get away” from work and take a breather. This will give your employees the extra juice they need to be that much more productive, patient, healthy and creative. A Rejuvenation Room can be used to:

  • Take a power nap
  • Let off some steam
  • Regain focus, meditate or simply think
  • Pump breast milk (provide a privacy sign for the door)

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Small is fine, windows are optional and the less decor the better. You can spice it up by painting it a calm color, adding a foam roller or massage chair, including a couple of plants, nature pictures, a soft lit lamp, a cozy blanket or optional “calm” music.

A few best practices:

  • Because everyone’s scent preference is different don’t allow candles or incense
  • Have it available for 15-30 minute increments with an exterior sign-up chalk board
  • Don’t allow electronics in the room (except for a non-clicking timer)
  • Have a sign that indicates occupancy
  • No food to keep the space crumb free


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