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Many organizations work hard to define their values.  They then publicly post those values for all to see.  While both of these efforts are key and commendable, it’s not until your values are operationalized within your organization that they’re living and breathing.

One of the most powerful ways to operationalize your values is to take a hard stand against those who violate them.  To see this live and in living color, watch this video of Lieutenant General Jay Silveria of the United States Airforce Academy addressing the entire Academy.

“We have an opportunity here, 5500 people in this room to think about what we are as an institution. This is our institution. No one can take away our values…So just in case you’re unclear with where I stand on this topic, I want to leave you with my most important thought today.  If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, you need to get out.”

This is true leadership in action.

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