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People are complex.

A group of people even more so. So it’s no surprise that an organization with employees comes with its people challenges. While there are a myriad of challenges to choose from, below are the top 23 elephants in the room. Which 3 are taking up the most space in your organization?:

  1. I have employees who ask for a raise and haven’t done anything to deserve it.
  2. We work hard to please our employees, but it seems they’re never satisfied.
  3. My employees think I’m lining my basement with gold bricks.
  4. Honestly, I don’t think my employees care about the company.
  5. When problems arise, no one steps up to take responsibility.
  6. My employees only do what’s in their “job description” and nothing else.
  7. Several of our incentive programs have backfired.
  8. I have an employee who’s a rainmaker/superstar and s/he’s totally toxic.
  9. We have in-fighting between groups (almost to the point of spitballs over cubicles).
  10. We’re a family – dysfunctions included.
  11. Our employees hate change – even if it’s what’s best for them and the company.
  12. I’m amazed at the false rumors that show up in our company.
  13. I’ve recently lost one of my best people, and we shouldn’t have.
  14. I have to micromanage or nothing will get done the way it’s supposed to.
  15. We’re awful at getting reviews done on time or at all – everyone hates doing reviews.
  16. We’ve promoted fabulous producers into mediocre managers.
  17. I just don’t have the time to give people kudos and pats on the back.
  18. I don’t know how to acknowledge great work without a promotion or a raise.
  19. I’m the CEO, and sometimes I’m the last one to know when there’s a problem.
  20. We’re divided into “old” school and “new” school and never the twain shall meet.
  21. We used to have an incredible culture and we’ve lost the magic.
  22. It’s so hard to find good talent anymore (and yet my competition seems to).
  23. We’re growing so fast – it’s hard to bring all the new employees into the fold.

Is there a pattern in your top 3?


  • 1-7 deal with Entitlement and Apathy
  • 8-13 deal with Drama
  • 14-23 deal with Leadership Conundrums

Choose People helps you find the source of, address and remove these elephants.

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