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Excellent leadership and seasoned managers share a common belief: the belief in human potential.

They believe in their people and they set the bar higher than individuals would for themselves. They know high expectations lead to high performance.

When someone gives us a difficult task, we take it as an assessment of our ability. We then increase our level of effort to prove them right.

So what’s a supervisor to do with requests from A players for “Career Development?” (Anyone have a millennial they supervise?)

Here’s 7 Ideas to get you started:

  1. Find out what they want to learn, accomplish or create that would benefit the team – then have them research learning opportunities and bring their findings to you for discussion (be clear on budget availability)
  2. Put them on a challenging project
  3. Help them find a mentor
  4. Have them be a mentor and teach someone else what they know
  5. Have them lead a thought-provoking book/article/Ted Talk group
  6. Have them interview 10 thought leaders in your organization/industry
  7. Invite them to participate in meaningful, tangible learning opportunities

Speaking of invitations to meaningful, tangible learning opportunities…

This May we’re offering two of our most popular career development programs:

Character & Competency Leadership Development

Management Competency Training

In the above links, you’ll find:

  • The 4 Qualifying Criteria to determine if someone would be a good fit for the Leadership Development Program
  • The 12 Tools shared in our Management Training
  • A printable program with the curriculum, schedule and investment for each course
  • Testimonials from prior participants
  • Copy and paste invitation for leadership to invite their team
  • Registration

Please note, participants can register separately for each program or sign up for both as they dovetail extraordinarily well.

Registration closes on Cinco de Mayo – Tuesday, May 5th at 5:00pm PST.

Now go develop the potential of your people!


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