While it does take intentionality, it doesn’t take much to have one of your team workers know you care – to have them have the experience of being known, matter and included…

  1. “If you have someone in your life that you are grateful for – someone to whom you want to write another heartfelt, slanted, misspelled thank you note – do it. Tell them they made you feel loved and supported.  That they made you feel like you belonged somewhere and that you were not a freak.  Tell them all of that.  Tell them today.” Lisa Jakub
  2. Get someone a pair of Bombas socks to acknowledge their impact in the world in how they contribute to your organization’s mission.
  3. To give a shout out to one of your team members, take a picture of you and your fellow co-workers smiling with a thumbs up and text it to them.
  4. Put on a 5-minute de-stress dance fest with a conga line through the office.
  5. Next time someone wants your attention regarding an idea, concern or suggestion they want to share – stop whatever you’re doing, face them, and listen like there’s no one else in the world and nowhere you’d rather be.
  6. On Monday, unexpectedly, let them have Friday afternoon off.
  7. Have a potluck where everyone brings a dish that’s one of their favorite family recipes (and bring copies of the recipes!)
  8. Pause and take a moment to celebrate what’s working and highlight successes – including meeting milestones and small wins. (You could literally bring sparklers to mark the moment.)
  9. Create an ice bucket challenge.