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Overwhelm is unfortunately incredibly common for those in leadership positions.  While not always the case, often at the root of this overwhelm you’ll find fear of losing control or the desire to prove one’s worth.  Good news – you’re worthy and the type of control that would ensure 100% security doesn’t exist. Oh, and never-ending pressure, stress,  and unfinishable to-do lists that lead to burnout, neither feel good nor are healthy for your business or your family.

So how can you be strategic about reducing your sense of overwhelm?  In essence, how do you choose what to delegate?  Grab a white board or piece of flip chart paper and try this exercise:

  1. First circle in green everything that you enjoy doing and that gives you energy.
  2. Second circle in orange everything that you’re really good at – it’s your expertise and strength.
  3. Third circle in blue everything that’s strategic, that will truly move your business forward.
  4. Fourth circle in red everything that ONLY YOU can do.  Really push yourself to answer this one strictly, meaning if you were out of the country or got hit by a bus could someone else do it?
  5. Now take it in – what do you notice?
  6. Some items might be circled multiple times – these you keep.
  7. Some items have no circles – find a way delegate these items.  Either find someone who has this area as a strength or take the time to train someone.  Keep in mind this is a great opportunity to provide someone who loves to learn a challenge and opportunity for growth.
  8. Prioritize the ones you’re keeping.
  9. Now take the bottom 3-5 on your prioritized list and give those away as well.

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