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Often CEOs, business owners and executives say they simply don’t have time to “get on the ground floor” to see what’s going on among the “ranks.”


If you have time to see a client, you have time to see your employees – employees are as critical as your clients.  If you keep clear that your employees are your most important resource and biggest asset (and do not view them as a ‘cost’ and ‘liability’) then you know that investment in your employees, is an investment in your company.

So how to create the time?

The best power lunch you can have is the one with your employees.

Depending on the size of your organization, consider having a round table of employees to lunch, at least once/month.  If you invited 12 for 12 months – you will have connected with, and learned from, 144 employees that perhaps normally you wouldn’t run into or get a chance to talk to.  Even if you only have 12 employees – take three to lunch every month.

Few things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose employees from all levels of the organization – oftentimes the gold is where you can’t see it.
  2. Ideally mix it up – meaning do not have all the folks from one department come at the same time, you can help the entire company gel by having folks from different departments meet one another outside the office.
  3. Make sure everyone has a voice, has a chance to offer up their input.  Going round the table with a conversation/question usually helps facilitate this one.  Or you can simply let them know you would like to hear from all of them.
  4. Know the basics about each individual before the lunch – their position, who they report to, how long they’ve been with the company, their family and how they daily contribute to the vision.
  5. Ask good questions and be prepared for all different kinds of feedback – the good and the bad.  And remember to simply say “thank you” on the bad (no defensiveness.)
  6. Some good questions to consider:
  • What makes you get up in the morning?  What are you passionate about?  What makes you tick?
  • How do you think we could be a better company?
  • What do you love about working at our organization?
  • What do you wish you/we could change?

7.  Share yourself.  Answer some of these questions – let them get to know you.

8.  Lastly, set aside at least two hours, and don’t be rushed.  Enjoy the company you keep.

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