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When asked with a genuine desire to know the answer, this question is extraordinary on so many levels!

The next time one of your employees comes to you and asks you to make a decision – simply ask them, What do YOU think?  And as often as possible, say “That’s a great idea, run with it.”

You’ll be surprised how many innovative ideas your employees will come up with if given the chance.

Oh and PLEASE don’t say – “Oh, that’s what I was thinking too.” – Let them take the credit.  Let them take the ownership.  Let them have the pride.

And don’t say – “Yeah, BUT” – Instead try – “Great idea, AND have you thought about XYZ.”  I know this is old school knowledge, and this is so critical in these interactions.

Now if you simply can’t agree with their idea, you can still say – “That’s definitely a perspective I haven’t thought of – good point, my concerns are….”

One of things as leaders that we often aren’t aware of is that we go around stealing people’s thunder on a regular basis.  Instead you want to step up your employee voltage and excitement – create the culture that encourages them to get  involved and to watch their innovative ideas bear fruit.

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