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Common Answers:

  • I work at X company.
  • I do X task.  (I fix computers.  I make the burritos.  I make flower arrangements.  I grade papers.)
  • I am X.  (I am a police officer.  I am a teacher.  I am a sales representative.)

What if you talked about your work in terms of the IMPACT you make.

Burrito maker:  I fill hungry bellies full of nutritional yummy burritos.

Mover:  I help people who are at a difficult time of transition have less stress.

Teacher:  I’m in charge of  educating the next generation of our country.

Admin Assistant:  I create critical time, space and organization for my boss so our company’s leadership can be on her/his game.  (Thus allowing for a successful business that employs many and helps support many families.)

Cleaning Person:  I create a space that feels good to be in, allowing for the clear thinking and focus of the people who occupy it.

Notice how these answers are so much more interesting, and so much more fulfilling.

What IMPACT do you make in the world?

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