Crisis Strategies

These articles will help you understand the importance and impact of having a plan when big events or the unexpected happens at work.

Don’t Talk to Your Team

About other team members.

Unfortunately this happens all the time.  You lead a team and you have a concern about one of your team members.  You seek the input of others on your team – do they see what you see?  Do they experience what you experience, or is it just you?  Your intentions are good.  You’re seeking to understand and gain clarity.

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The Many Levels of Trust

I recently met with a client who is quite concerned about one of his leadership team members who he believes doesn’t trust anyone. The evidence being this employee often says, “We don’t have to trust each other, I just want everyone to do their job.” Yet when this individual is talking about trust, what level of trust is she talking about?

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1st Ingredient in the Secret Sauce


There’s low morale – let’s fix it. There’s lack of trust – let’s fix it. There’s lack of team work – let’s fix it. Good intentions abound. Yet who’s asking and addressing why the problem exists in the first place? If it’s a cultural problem – chances are some clean up needs to occur before you launch into problem solving and Read more >

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