Crisis Strategies

These articles will help you understand the importance and impact of having a plan when big events or the unexpected happens at work.

7 Simple Bite-Size Steps to Restore Joy & Vitality

Are you (or your team) burning out?

Do you feel good at the end of the day? Are you as productive as you used to be? Are you excited about your work?

If the answer (for you or your Read more >

Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty

7 Ways to Support Your Team’s Mindset

I don’t pretend to know exactly what to do right now – especially as each team’s situation varies widely.  And I know a few things about people, and you know a lot of things about your people.

Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the Coronavirus itself can be stres Read more >

Go from Transactional to Transformational in One Step

I was making a deposit at my bank last week when the teller, who I don’t know, asked me if she could ask me a question, one to which she’s in the discovery of answering for herself. I said yes and she followed with, “What makes life valuable?” I paused.  We then engaged in a 10-minute conversation that was Read more >

The Ultimate Unexpected Leadership Movie

Last week I had the honor of attending Generations Healthcare’s heartfelt and moving “Caring for a Lifetime” Presidential Awards Ceremony in which they celebrate an exceptional staff member from each one of their locations.

Prior to the ceremony, Tom Olds, the CEO, opened the day with his delightful Socratic approach.  He asked his team, “What’s Read more >

Beware: Resting Frog Face

Back when I ran the moving company I installed a small mirror at head height inside my office.  Every time I wanted to leave my office, I would have to confront my reflection.

It wasn’t to check my teeth or my hair.  It was to make me aware of my natural tendency to look frowny.  When I’m in the throes of concentration, the corners of my mouth n Read more >

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