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Should you treat your employees like family?

Well, that depends, how do you treat your family?

As we know there are far too many families that we would not want to emulate.

And yet when we talk about wanting a family atmosphere – we’re going for warmth and connection, not dysfunction and codependency.  No moms.  No dads.  More like your cool cousins.

Some companies avoid that “family Read more >

Corporate Social Responsibility – At the Heart, admitting when you’re Wrong

You try to do no wrong.  In fact, you try to do “the right thing.”

And yet there are those times in all of our lives where we simply screw up.  In our personal lives, we know what to do – we apologize.  And yet, in the workplace – in the world of work – we try to hide our failures, our messes, cover them up.


With employees, as the man Read more >

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