Employee Satisfaction

Love Your Employees – Ditch the Donuts and Break Out the Fruit

No donuts!!?? You say.

Yes, I said no donuts.  We all know that donuts are bad for us – high fat, high sugar – you get the idea.  What does it tell your employees when you offer them something you know is bad for them?  It’s like feeding your dog that you love chocolate.  Don’t feed your people poison.

They may roll their eyes when you break Read more >

Employee Dignity – How to Keep It in the Workplace

When Steve Hannah, CEO of the Onion, was asked by New York Times journalist Adam Bryant, what were the his top 3-5 lessons on how to manage people he said”: “you never, ever do anything to deprive a human being of their dignity in work, in life.”

What does dignity get us?

When you look up the word dignity in the dictionary se Read more >

Best Review Question You Can Ask (For both Managers & Employees)

Reviews are dreaded by managers and employees alike.

Dreaded because there’s 1) an uncomfortable power dynamic of judgment and 2) a hoped for expectation of increased compensation.

The dreaded ones usually go something like this:

  1. You’re great.
  2. BUT improve on this.
  3. Oh don’t forget we think you’re great.
  4. Read more >

Undercover Boss – For the Truth, Get in the Trenches

Yesterday 38.6 million people watched the premier of CBS’s “Undercover Boss” after the Super Bowl.   And they didn’t watch it just because it was after the Super Bowl – though true that helped.  But also because many were shocked, awed and could unfortunately relate.

In large companies, especially in service industries, there is often the brutal Read more >

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