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Funeral. Yep. That’s what if felt like at his company’s Christmas party last night. The company tried. They had the best intentions. They even dropped some serious cash. But the lackluster-gray-oddly-lit-no music-rubber chicken dinner did not inspire cheer nor a desire to spend another year at this company. This was definitely not one of the best employee holiday gifts, ever.

And while it may seem like a holiday party is the way to roll – let me offer some downright thoughtful, and meaningful, employee holiday gifts…

Employee Holiday Gifts - A picture of a gift wrapped box

5 of My Favorite Gifts

  1. The Gift of Time – Give the team an extra day of vacation to spend at their leisure or pay for their house to be cleaned.
  2. The Gift of Shared Experience – Take the team on a field trip – to the movies, the museum, a baseball game – depending on where you live – head to the botanical gardens or go sledding/snow-angeling.
  3. The Gift of Rest and Relaxation – Bring in a bunch of massage therapists or gather to chillax by grabbing a warm beverage and having more meaningful, mindful conversation through a topic-based story share or using Vertellis cards, or purchase a massage chair for the office and create a decompression nap/zen room.
  4. The Gift of Energy – Turn on the music for a de-stress dance fest. Have a conga line. Do the hokey pokey. Hold a chili cook-off along with a team gingerbread house decorating competition. I could go on and on.
  5. The Gift of Play – Build a fort. Go on a scavenger hunt. Create an afternoon of games that might include a combo-platter of sports, field games and board games in order to appeal to everyone’s strengths.

And from everyone at Choose People to you and yours, here’s to a holiday season filled with comfort and joy!

Looking for another meaningful team activity? Check out the one below.

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