Culture Management Quickstart

Create a Cathartic Release to Renew and Revive Your Culture

When you have low morale, disgruntled employees or rampant distrust, the temptation can be to go straight to hitting the reset button on your culture.

Shiny new initiatives.  Shiny new committees.  Shiny new intentions.

Unfortunately all this bling is slimed and undermined by what got you to that tough place.  The gunk from the past that’ Read more >

What Does Team Mean?

Just recently I had someone share the idea of being team as compared to being part of a team.

We didn’t have time to talk further, and yet when they said it, I was taken – and so I’ve been left to evaluate why this resonated for me so deeply and wanted to share some thoughts in case this lands as compelling for you and your tea Read more >

Better Communication: Just Three

When in doubt of how many, lean on three.  Why?  Simple–three is doable, memorable and meaningful.  More than three and overwhelm and numbing follow.  Three is thoughtful.  You have to evaluate and select what’s most important to communicate or take action on.   Less than three and you underestimate potential and capacity.

Brilliant Inspiring Guiding Principles

On January 3, 2008 Room & Board, which sells hand crafted American-made furniture created their Guiding Principles – principles they incorporate daily in their operations.  These principles are not only inspiring, they are also down-to-earth and provide a true compass during decision making. For anyone who is looking to revamp, recreate or reco Read more >

The ONE Thing He Did to Turn Morale Around

I met with a good friend the other day and he was very excited about purchasing a company where he knows the employee culture stinks.  And he was excited for two reasons – one, because he knows the financial potential of the company is huge once he can get the people excited about their workplace and two, he’s looking forward to making a bunch of m Read more >

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