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The Unexpected Secret to Retention After the Pandemic: Onboarding

Why Onboarding Matters More Than You Think

It’s becoming clear that effective onboarding is absolutely critical to retaining talent in the post-COVID world, as employers are struggling as never before to keep new talent on board.

With Read more >

Retention: Imperative First Impressions

You are being watched, compared and judged.  Your team is being evaluated.

It’s your new hire’s first day, first week, first month.  This is an extremely impressionable time.

While they are looking to impress and fit in, they are also trying to get a read on the unwritten rules of your workplace.  They are evaluating whether they made the rig Read more >

Golden Handcuffs Are Still Handcuffs

With the unemployment rate so low these days – here in Denver we’re down to 2.7% – organizations are getting nervous about losing their top talent.  There’s been an uptick in talk about how to “retain” A players.  Part of this talk includes golden handcuffs – a long-term payout or benefit that’s only realized if one stays at the organization for a Read more >

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