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Kris Boesch is the CEO and Founder of Choose People, a company that transforms company cultures, increases employee happiness and boosts the bottom-line. The Choose People 360° Culture Audit is based on over 1000 hours of research Boesch conducted with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University. She is also the author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. Prior to Choose People, Boesch was the CEO of Exodus Moving & Storage. Under her leadership Exodus became the largest mover in Northern Colorado with a turnover rate nearly 40% less than the industry average and a bottom line twice that same average. Kris is also a proud mother, dancing diva and dog lover.

Employees – How do you treat them fairly AND individually?

The wonderfully well intentioned “Employee of the Month” program took a head dive into an empty pool shortly after we implemented it.  Why?  Because several employees who didn’t receive the award we’re clearly distraught and could not understand how THAT person received the award and they, or the person they thought significantly more worthy, did n Read more >

Employee Management – Happy Middle Between Two Extremes

I love the New York Times “Corner Office” in the business section of the Sunday paper where they interview a CEO and often ask about how they hire and manage employees as well as there employee culture.  There’s always a nugget or two to be found around employee satisfaction or employee engagement.

This last week’s edition was especially interes Read more >

Undercover Boss – For the Truth, Get in the Trenches

Yesterday 38.6 million people watched the premier of CBS’s “Undercover Boss” after the Super Bowl.   And they didn’t watch it just because it was after the Super Bowl – though true that helped.  But also because many were shocked, awed and could unfortunately relate.

In large companies, especially in service industries, there is often the brutal Read more >

Dreaded In-Fighting – Six Steps on How to get a Handle on the Beast

All it takes is two.

Two employees at each other’s throats is all it takes to wreak havoc in the work place where the focus is no longer the work at hand.  If employees are not terribly distracted by the lack of efficiency caused by their co-workers, then they are waiting to hear the latest gossip in the drama.  In-fighting causes an enormous di Read more >

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Key to Employee Satisfaction & Engagement – Keep Them "In the Know"

People always ask – What is the KEY to employee satisfaction and engagement?  Of course, there is no single answer.  However if your employees feel they are NOT in the KNOW, the rest of the answers tend to be fairly irrelevant.

And here’s why.  You can have all the perks and incentive programs in the world and if employees think there is somethi Read more >

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